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Omni Circle is a Limited Liability Corporation that provides programs and financial support for the next generation of leaders through our philanthropic endeavors, educational opportunity, fundraising events, and generous contributions from our sponsors and partners.


Our philanthropic programs and initiatives focus on improving local communities and helping disadvantaged groups within the city of Topeka. We will award scholarships to deserving students interested in business and corporate careers, and support educational institutions and organizations that foster hands-on educational and career advancement for minority students.


The Pipeline

Omni Circle will offer a number of programs and initiatives designed to assist, support, and empower students and support educational institutions and organizations that are addressing the challenges of producing a pipeline for successful future leaders. We will provide financial contributions in the form of scholarships and grants, and partner with organizations to improve educational outcomes of minority students, champion professional development for mid-level professionals, and prepare the next generation of leaders.


Corporate Advancement

We are dedicated to developing training programs that will support, engage, and further the professional development of our future leaders. Our programs will attract multi-generational leaders and enhance their professional growth through leadership, research, coaching, and career development.