The Women Leadership Conference is an annual leadership development forum assembled of senior-level black women leaders in the corporate, public policy, legislative and academic arenas.

Omni Circle’s Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) will be a two-day personal and professional leadership development program specifically designed for the advancement of black women and high performing women with the potential to succeed. The Women's Leadership Conference features panel discussions, forums and organized activities crafted through the lens of race and gender. The program highlights experienced corporate leaders as they engage in straightforward discussions bringing career strategy, advice, feedback and networking opportunities to program participants. The conference will be an incredible event, and you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity that could very well support you in having something new in any area of your life that matters to you right now. And bring some women friends and family with you, for a wonderful time of insight and value you can all experience together!


The developments that we will explore are:

  • Generous Listening

  • Identity

  • Our Core Value

  • Intimacy with Christ

  • Maintaining Neutrality

  • Forgiveness

  • Clarifying and Pursuing Vision

  • Being “a Stand” for Others

  • Relationships


Overall Training Structure:

The conference takes place from 9am – 5pm on Saturday. It will include breaks, as well as a purpose-driven one-hour lunch time.  The conference also includes times music, poetry performance, interactive exercises, small and large group discussions, “lectures,” as well as coaching in the large group from the trainer.