Omni Circle is a member-based, collaborative community located in Central Topeka. We're a like-minded community continuing to earn a stellar reputation as the premier community networking group.


We provide networking opportunities and empower the youth to increase the number of successful minorities. We are excited to be acknowledged for the social and business networking opportunities we will provide, along with the education and long-term relationships that we are creating. Our organization is founded on the idea that there is power in numbers and with those numbers, we can help each other climb the ladder to success.    

Our network is only as viable as its members. We will mature through word of mouth, volunteer work, community activities, and networking events. We take pride in being active participants in our communities. The actions that we take on a daily basis not only impact others but dictate the lives we lead. Members are the face of our organization and we treat others with dignity, compassion, and respect. We face many challenges in our city, and collectively, we can make a difference. The goal is to provide our members with networking opportunities to collaborate and advance in their careers while also enhancing the perspective of our young men and women to create future leaders.

Each month we will host business networking events to introduce members to the most dynamic small and mid-level business professionals, executives, investors, lenders, entrepreneurs, and CEO. Omni Circle is designed to make a difference in the communities by providing an opportunity for growth for each member to close the achievement gap. Our primary objective is to motivate, inspire, connect, and educate our members. As the only organization of its kind in the region, Omni Circle seeks to help you improve your career, develop leadership skills, and build your professional network by expanding the way you see the world.