Omni Circle is the preeminent membership organization committed to increasing the number of successful blacks and minorities in Topeka Kansas by provide resources for personal and professional development. 

Network & Social can get your business in front of 50-300 professionals in your city. With a network that reaches over 100,000 networkers throughout the country, we can take your marketing efforts to the next level. We can work with nearly any budget, and have multiple ways to involve your business in our events and on this website.

Measurable Marketing Results:  We offer sponsors enterprise-class web analytics solutions that give them rich insights into event traffic, allowing them to maximize their marketing effectiveness. We work hand-in-hand with sponsors leveraging our powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use reports. We can sit down with your business to analyze pre and post event traffic, giving you the most out of your sponsorship. With a reach of over 100,000 business professionals and socially active young enthusiasts, we can get your business in front of your target market. Marketing efforts can be focused based on a number of aspects all related to our member activity on this site as well as at featured business networking events and charitable fundraisers. (Premium)

Event Exposure:  Your business will have the option of receiving a dedicated placement at one of our signature events. Our event placements are all about exposure, and highlight your business to 50-300 professionals interested in what you can bring to their network. The Network & Social staff also work hard at our events to drive attendance to your booth, as well as promote your business during our charity raffles. What is the value of one new customer to your particular business? (Standard)

Site/Social Media Exposure:  Network & Social will create a specialized press release on our site to let daily traffic see we have partnered with your business. These releases work great for the businesses we work with because they give a great overview to our audience about the mission of the business. We will provide your businesses contact information, as well as your website information to increase traffic right from the Network & Social website as well. We will also feature the release through our rich social media outlets and partnerships on a weekly basis leading up to the event. (Standard)

Viral Exposure:  During the course of an event there are many times we communicate with attendees directly through email. Invites, reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups are all standard in the Network & Social marketing process. We reach thousands of people during this process, and will spotlight information about your business through each submission. In addition to these emails, businesses can expect to be featured in our monthly newsletter. (Premium)

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?  If your business is interested in a more robust marketing opportunity at one of our networking events or at one of our charitable fundraisers, we have great Sponsorship Packages available. It is also easy to get your business sponsored in our business directory to help drive more traffic to your site, Get Started Today and experience the marketing potential with Network & Social.

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