Community Connections is a member-driven organization. Each member will understand the responsibility of being active participates in our network. The role of the Leadership Council is to oversee day-to-day operations and make decisions about the strategic direction of the organization.


Members of the Leadership Council will also serve as liaisons to the many other appointed leadership teams within Community Connections. This will involve recruiting leaders, supporting them as they carry out their plans for the year, and connecting them to the broader organization and other leadership teams. Below you will find more information about each of Community Connections leadership teams, as well as the organizational chart.

Leadership Council

Community Connections will be run by an elected Leadership Council of 10 men and women responsible for coordinating the day to day functions of the organization. Headed by Community Connection's CEO and Founder, the Leadership Council will meet biweekly to manage administrative issues, plan for new projects and develop strategic plans for the organization.



Network Council

Community Connections is in the process of building a team for the Network Council. This council will oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Community Connection's network programming. 


Professional Development Series (PDS)

Community Connection Professional Development Series (PDS) tackles many of the important questions and situations that arise for aspiring progressive leaders. PDS events are exclusively for Community Connections members as a benefit to joining our network. PDS leaders strive to ensure that all members have access to unique professional development events to ensure members are successful, transparent and competitive in Kansas City.


WIN Ambassadors (New Name)

WIN Ambassadors are WIN's on the ground recruitment team, comprised of WIN members who are enthusiastic about WIN, and want to spread the word about membership to other pro-choice,  


Event Planning Teams

Each year, Community Connections will host two WIN-wide signature events, YWA and WODW, that count on the efforts of a volunteer team, ranging from Event Chairs to fundraisers to technology coordinators, to be successful.


WIN Conversation Series (WCS)

The WIN Conversation Series engages WIN members in critical discussions about gender, equality, race, sexuality, and the movement for women's rights. This series brings area experts together with WIN members in a setting where every person has a voice and every opinion matters.  


Get Involved! 

If you are interested in learning more about leadership positions, contact us at info@ccsocialnetworking.com