Our monthly social, professional, and programmatic events, including panel discussions, workshops, receptions, resume swaps, happy hours, and more. Community Connections networks provide a place for every member and reflect the diverse personal, professional, and political interests of our members.

Community Connections is in the process of developing the most dynamic networking community for young professionals of color. Each month we will host business networking events to introduce new members to this preeminent membership group. This group will consist of small and mid-level business professionals, executives, investors, lenders, entrepreneurs and CEO's.


Community Connections members will understand that our network is only as viable as the members and being active participants in our communities is something we take very seriously. As a member, we are the face of our group and will be expected to treat others with dignity, compassion, and respect. Our core values will be what keeps us strong and together. We face many challenges in our city as young African Americans and collectively, we can make a difference.


The goal is to provide our members with networking opportunities to advance in their careers while changing the perspective of our young black men and women to create future leaders. Our network events keep members informed, connected and engaged on all that's happening in Kansas City. These events will exemplify Community Connections commitment to helping minorities climb the ladder of opportunity through peer-to-peer networking.