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The agenda is to enrich our community by uniting and enhancing the minds of the community. The focus of the Leadership Council is to encourage our members and connect them to programs and people that will help them achieve their professional goals. 

Omni Circle will be managed by an elected Leadership Council of 6 men and women responsible for coordinating the day to day functions of the organization. Headed by Omni Circle's CEO & President, the Leadership Council meets biweekly to oversee administrative issues, plan for new projects, and develop strategic plans for the organization.

The Leadership Council is the glue to the organization, holding members accountable for their success and personal development while implementing structure and creating habits to help the community grow. Uniting and strengthening our communities by adding value to personal and professional development is what we're most dedicated to. Educating our youth, inspiring professional drive, and making an impact in our communities is the goal. All while building an inclusive leadership pipeline that empowers minority leaders to make impactful contributions to their communities. 

The goal will be achieved by identifying the value of ongoing active participation from our members. Members must be involved in promoting activities that will inspire personal achievement. We want to bring back the dreamers and inspire the culture to want more than what is given. 

Advisory Board 

Leadership Council

Program Directors

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  • Uniting like-minded individuals to strengthen our communities so that we collaborate as one cohesive community that shares the same value system. 

  • Educate the youth to enhance their current perspective on achievement and to give them hope to become future leaders.

  • To support, impact, and motivate our communities to engage socially and economically.

  • Provide the most dynamic networking opportunities to our members for the advancement of their careers.