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Omni Circle would like to introduce you to the most dynamic small and mid-level business professionals, executives, investors, lenders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s. We are dedicated to accelerating the careers of our members by providing networking opportunities 

Starting in May of 2020, Omni Circle will have it's First Corporate Social Networking Event. These events will consist of aspiring young professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs and CEO's both current and retired between the ages of 20 and 40. Omni Circle events will allow like-minded young professionals to recognize, create, or act upon new relationships and networking opportunities. Our event will offer low-pressure interactions while allowing young professions and entrepreneurs to market themselves or their business in a completely relaxed and social environment. 


Omni Circle will be known for its unique settings, finest quality of service, attention to detail and great food. We would like to set a long lasting tradition of hosting great social networking events. Omni Circle will host a variety of events throughout Topeka each month, which will provide opportunities for both social and business networking. Flawless and professional services are our mandate and we will work closely with vendors to ensure successful events. As with all our events, your first cocktail is included for those who register and all industries will be separated for easier navigation and networking.

If you have a product or service you would like to promote in front of our 50 - 100 professionals, we have a number of great sponsorship opportunities available to any size business or budget. For more information about these events, or how you can get involved as a sponsor contact us at

Registration Options:

Student Ticket $10 - We are very passionate about connecting young entrepreneurs to top professionals in their community. Through the College Student Program, students are jump-starting growing their networks through our events. (Must be 21+ to attend)

Membership Ticket $12 - Choose any six events that fit your schedule throughout the year and receive a 40% discount per person registered. 

Professional/Standard Ticket $15 - To say thank you for pre-registering online, networkers receive a $10 discount for our standard events. Register today for single events or a city networking pass.

Event Sponsorship $115 - Event exposure, social media exposure, and viral exposure for your business. Learn more at Event Sponsorship

At The Door Ticket $25 - Although we prefer that registration is done online, we do offer a "Pay at the Door" option for networkers.