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A corporate partnership with Omni Circle offers companies the ability to leverage our brand and to spotlight their corporate diversity, social responsibility, and philanthropic initiatives that are aligned with Omni Circle's mission.

Corporate Partners

Omni Circle strongly believes in the power of partnerships and would like to develop a rich history of working with the corporate sector. We would like our corporate partners to come from industries of all shapes and sizes because all partners are a vital piece to helping us build our programs for the communities we serve and the development of our future leaders. Companies with diverse leadership are proven to be more innovative and enjoy stronger reputations because they are better suited to operate in a culturally complex market.


We are committed to cultivating the leaders who will make this possible, and our corporate partners will provide valuable support that enables us to do so. We are grateful for each opportunity to work with our corporate partners and for their unique contributions. In turn, Omni Circle supports companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to the communities in Topeka and the advancement of minority men and women. Opportunities include efforts driven by long-term, integrated and multi-faceted partnerships which include both traditional and innovative approaches.