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BriJoRae' Productions Omni

Michael Odupitan

CEO and President

Leadership Council Board Member

Michael was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He graduates from Lake Worth Community High School. He relocated to Topeka in 2002 to attend Washburn University. Michael played football and basketball at Washburn and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Social Services. Upon graduation, Michael has spent 16 years in the Social Service field working with children and families. In the midst of these years, he became a Certified Intensive Care Foster Home for 25+ at-risk young men.


In 2015, Michael was in search of more opportunities, so he moves to Kansas City and started to create his life’s work. To create a community-based organization for the advocacy and growth of minorities. He developed a successful after school Mentorship Program for young men with a good friend

Orlando Rivera in Leavenworth High but the overall vision wasn’t being fulfilled.

After leaving for 4 years, Michael returns to Topeka to create Omni Circle. He states “I return to Topeka to create Omni Circle because Topeka saved my life and open doors for me to succeed. I would like to return the favor for the next generation of young men and women that look like me in this city so that they have the opportunities to succeed in any way they desire.” Michael believes that there is a tremendous opportunity for community growth when collaboration is in full effect. He would like Omni Circle to be the organization that helps facilitate that growth by closing the achievement gaps and expanding diversity and inclusion in Topeka to improve careers, develop leaders, and provide a strong networking community.

BriJoRae' Productions Omni

Fletcher Terrell

Vice President 

Leadership Council Board Member

Fletcher was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fletcher moved to Topeka in 2003 to attend Washburn University on a football scholarship. While studying and seeking to earn his bachelor in Intergraded Studies, Fletcher worked in the Criminal Justice field with many juveniles offering training, guidance, mentoring, and education for over 7yrs.


After working with the youth, he transitioned to manufacturing where he has held a number of managerial positions at both Goodyear and Reser’s Fine Foods. He currently holds a Production Manager position at Reser’s. Fletcher has now been in manufacturing for the past 7yrs and he seeks to continue to grow, develop, and learn in his career to achieve new heights, and new opportunities.

“When Omni Circle was presented to me, I thought this was a great opportunity to continue on my path of growth and opportunity, while also working with people with the same shared interest. Omni Circle provides a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for an inclusive environment, team building, networking, activities, and sharpening of the mind. I look forward to all of the endless possibilities that Omni Circle can offer and not only for the members but also to the community.”

BriJoRae' Productions Omni

Christine Smith

Political Director 

Leadership Council Board Member

Founder of the African American Women Voting Alliance (AAWVA)

Christine Smith is a Topeka native and is a 2002 graduate of Topeka High School. As a traditional student, she attended Washburn University where she studied Criminal Justice. She has worked with children and young adults as a pre-school educator at the YMCA Early Learning Center. Christine has also worked for the State of Kansas as a Juvenile Corrections Officer at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex. She is currently the Special Exhibition Assistant at the Mulvane Art Museum and a nontraditional student at Washburn University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in History. Christine is set to graduate in December 2020. 

Currently, Christine is the Vice President of the African American Women's Alliance (AAWVA), which is an organization she founded through Omni Circle. AAWVA specializes in voter advocacy and provides a political network for the community. Christine does community service frequently and plans to continue staying dedicated to her grassroots efforts. Her free time is spent with her two children, one of whom is an adult,  and creating a philosophical and theoretical framework as an aspiring Sociologist with an overall goal to one day be published. 

BriJoRae' Productions Omni

Courtney Singletary 

Membership Director

Leadership Council Board Member

Courtney Singletary hails from Houston, TX but being the daughter of a College Football & NFL Coach has allowed her to live and grow up in places from Buffalo, NY to Honolulu, HI, and several places in between. Courtney has lived and worked in Lawrence & Topeka for nearly 10 years and loves how the city of Topeka has grown for the better. “Being a part of Omni in our Capital city is being a part of a movement, not just for today or tomorrow but for the next generation. With Michael’s vision and the strength of our leadership team and members, Omni will flourish as a pillar in our community for resources and action.” 

After high school graduation, Courtney began pursuing a degree in Elementary Education but as time went on, her passion changed as she began working for The Rezolve Group, Inc.—a company that specialized in college prep and financial aid applications. From there, she spent several years pouring her knowledge into traditional and non-traditional students about their options for enrolling in community college, trade schools, universities, and how to afford it through the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid(FAFSA).


Courtney played a pivotal role as the Admissions Manager and later the Director of Bryan Career College/University in Topeka before the physical closure to become a fully online college. Now working with another great company in Topeka, she still enjoys working with young people that are exploring options for school and understanding financial aid. She has recently decided to return to school herself to complete a degree in Social Science. 

In her free time, she loves watching and attending sporting events, volunteering with groups such as Junior Achievement, shopping, road trips, and spending time with family and friends.

BriJoRae' Productions Omni

Taurence Minikwu

Youth Program Manager

Leadership Council Board Member

Taurence was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He attended Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School and graduated in 2002. After High School, he earned the opportunity to be granted a football scholarship to attend Washburn University. During his time at Washburn, Taurence was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and later went on to earn a Masters of Art in Human Services. He started as a Certified Addiction Counselor and now he currently holds the title as a Licensed Master Addiction Counselor.

Taurence’s professional career started with his involvement with at-risk youth. Advocating for youth mental development to enhance and strengthen the mind. He spent a number of years working directly with the youth addressing their Mental Heath in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility(PRTF). He is now the Owner and Executive Director of Assess for Success, an LLC Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, established in 2013. Taurence enjoys giving back to his community and the youth by offering a holistic approach to life. He is dedicated to helping the youth make better choices for improved outcomes in the community.

Taurence is a proud father of a 12-year-old boy who has maintained straight A’s. He plays a major role in his son's success in sports and in the classroom. He is also known as “Coach T” to a number of youth on his football, basketball, and baseball teams here in Topeka.