Cary Williams,

This year, we will be stepping into our second year of operation and we have accomplished things in this city that has not been accomplished in the past 25 years in the black community. Purchasing this building has been the next big step toward creating a productive ecosystem for the advancement of minorities in this city. 



Proposal Summary (Executive Summary)

Omni Circle is embarking on a fundraising campaign to renovate its new facility to benefit the minority community. Funds raised will support and enhance a collaborative environment in our three core areas: Community, Collaboration and Resources. The plan is to remodel the first floor of the facility to meet the need of the organization to the highest degree for the community. The total for the billing (not including remodeling upstairs) is around $221,977. This includes all of the foundational work for the facility and the remodel of the first floor. 


Organization Description and History 

Omni Circle is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with a sister non profit organization in Omni Circle Group, with a revolutionary business model that will unit and strengthen communities by enhancing economic, political, and cultural awareness to the members and communities we serve. Omni Circle will be a resource center for continuous education for personal and professional development, while also providing entrepreneurs and freelancers an affordable, creative and collaborative co-working space. A shared working environment where individuals can work on individual project or collaborate professionally with like-minded people within the co-working space provided. 


In 2019, I returned to Topeka after leaving in 2015 in search of personally and professionally growth. Upon retuning, I noticed that Topeka was improving but the black community was not. The inclusion of the blacks was not being addressed and I wanted to level the playing field by creating opportunities for growth. So I reached out to number of my college friends working in the professional arena to collaborate to address the community’s needs. I developed a team of forward thinkers, to implement a program that will help build the minority community by educating the community on how to take responsibility for their own community. We worked the program for 6 month before we officially established the business on August 2019. In the first year, we were able to address some of the community’s needs by providing back to school supplies and in the midst of a pandemic, we were able to provide sack lunches for the youth that are out of school. We have been running our food program for over a year now. 

Today, we continue to address the needs of the community by expanding our network and would like to make a bigger impact with the next phase of the organization. Omni Circle has three primary services that are composed of a resource center, co-working space and community hub. Fit for all members, knowledge workers/freelancers and entrepreneurs once we complete the renovation of the new facility. Various membership packages will be offered based on customers preference, visit frequency and perks. We will provide conducive and flexible amenities that will boost productivity, collaboration and overall work-life balance while enhancing the entrepreneurial mind-set of the community. Omni Circle is working to create a co-working experience that will be topped with a verity of  classes and workshops, consulting and other services (e.g ritual office, business start-up assistance, etc.) to help community members and stakeholder become the best community of freelancers and entrepreneurs in Topeka and in surrounding cities. 


Omni Circle is currently building a stellar reputation as an organization that supports the community of Topeka with the help of social media, the company website, Facebook advertising, events, partnerships and all in all, good relationship building. Omni Circle is reaching its prospects and establish loyal clients. We will have an active role in the contributing to the common wealth by providing a community hub that offers excellent co-working spaces and other beneficial services and resources. 



In year one, the organization invested in its self to build its imagine in the community. In year two, the organization searched for investors to jump start the operations. This equity capital was used to secure a location and complete the development of the organizations space and initiate the operation and programs. The problem that is presented to the organization is the foundational issues of the facility and remodel. The plumbing and the electrical in the building needs to be completely update due to the age of the facility. The HVAC system also needs to be updated due to the age and the lack of usage. The building has be vacate for 8 plus years. We choose this building knowing that it would be some working but this building also puts the organization in a prime location and the price for the build was feasible for the amount of space the the building offers. This building will allow Omni Circle to be able to offer all of its service to meet the community needs all in one location. 


Omni Circle will consist of three primary initiatives: 


Omni Circle Group: Community (Non Profit)

Omni Circle Group (Non-Profit) will be for the community, families, and youth of Topeka that are looking to development themself personal and the community. We are developing a forum for education, unity and collaboration while meeting the community needs. Omni Circle Group is a community-driven organization creating pathways and opportunities for the growth of the community by collaborating with Topeka's diverse and inclusive community members. Omni Circle Group is creating a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for minorities. We are here to open doors and expand the possibilities for the youth and the community we serve. Provide community base services and trainings that will offer members the opportunity to learn and grow for generational expansion.


Omni Circle: Co-working (LLC)

Omni Circle, LLC is a creative space for young professional members, entrepreneurs, dreamer, and innovators. We are developing a forum for connecting and networking in the most dynamic way to develop a pipeline to success for future leaders. We’re providing a creative space to serve as the core service for the company. Omni Circle is for people who want to work on manifesting their vision while exchanging their knowledge, ideas, and inspiring others while giving back to their own community. Members of our co-working space will get more than just a premium quality desk or office space, they will benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources to increased motivation, and expand their professional network. Creating a long-term plan to unite and strengthen communities by continuing to add value to the personal and professional development of each member is what we are dedicated to. 



Omni Circle is working to be the primary location for resources and consulting for next level growth. We will host a number of trainings and networking events to our members. Member will also have the opportunity to gain a mentor through out Linking Leaders Program. With our growing network, member will have access to educational training from a number of experts in Topeka and surrounding cities. We will have a on site resource center that will give member access to the resource they need. Our talented team will offer a variety of classes and workshops on various personal and professional skill development (presentation skill, negotiation skills, problem solving analysis, project management, date visualization, service plus, product design and development principle,  effective communication skills, internet marketing, SEO, Writing skills and techniques, financial and accounting related courses, business management, etc.) 


Project Description 

Omni’s primary goal is to unite and strengthen minority communities by providing resources and opportunities for individuals to grow personal and professional. Resources and opportunities we wouldn’t normally have growing up as black men and women. This business model will allow us to focus on creating the bridge that will unite and strengthen communities by enhancing economic, political, and cultural awareness to the members we serve. While also creating a pipeline for the future leaders of the community. The youth!! Omni will be a resource center for continuous education for personal and professional development, while also providing entrepreneurs and freelancers an affordable and creative environment where individuals can work on individual project or collaborate professionally with like-minded people within the co-working community. 


This will be the opportunity zone for people in the community that are trying to advance themselves. The funding for this product will allow us to have a program that is professional and looks and feels like our culture. It will be the only facility in Topeka that will get it attention to the minority community, which will be a benefit to those in who are African America. We purchased the building on November 13th and we are looking to get this project started as soon as we can. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to get the remodel completely done. The goal would be to have the building open and running before May. Below I provided some example of a mock floor plan that we are trying to get done for the build we just purchased. Our space will be more culture but in the idea of having space for: office space, meeting space, event space, huddle room and conference rooms, study room, computer room, podcast room, music studio, photography, and book store. If I will also send you some addition photos of what the building currently looking like inside


This will be a major contribution to the African American community of Topeka. This will give this community a considerable boost towards their growth and development and the youth that will be coming up in this community. Also, as we discussed, this will just the begin to some thing that can have an effect on a number of communities if we do it right here. Me and my team are doing our best to get this right and your support will mean the world to us as we work to develop a sustainable community her. 



Thank you,


Heating & Cooling 

This building was built in 1958 and it still has the original cooling system, which will need some work. Better to just replace because it will not be able to last long with out continuing to repair. I repaired the heating for basement and main floor. The heating and cooling on the second floor needs to be replaced but we can attach that in Phase 2 of the project. 

        Estimate for 1st floor ……………………. $51,000


The plumbing in the building is the same as the heating and cooling, it’s the original plumbing. Due to this and the building not being used for years, the plumbing is no long good. The plumbing will be replaced with a complete remodel so that we will not have to repair any time soon. This will repair all 3 floors. Essentially, all of the plumbing in the building. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $45,000


I had the electrical checked out and I think that this number many be distorted. The lights for the basement and the main level work well but the lights need to be changes to LED lights. The  second floor needs to be repaired but we will not know what type of lighting we would need until we get the floor plans.  Again, Phase 2! Realistically we are looking at $25,000 to 30k. To get everything ready for us to move in the building. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $35,385

Construction & Remodel 

As far as remodel, we need to redo the flooring for the entire building and on the first floor we will only be painting and taking out the ceiling for an industrial look. On the second floor we are trying to get a floor plan completed so that we will know how much it will cost. There are some examples below.

        Estimate for 1st floor ……………………. $35,000 





I would like to get new furniture for the build once everything gets done to set the tone. I have a company willing to donate some office furniture but it is not what we are looking for in the build out. I have accepted some of the furniture like monitors, chairs, and some office desk. This funding will help us create the culture that we want in the building. 

        Estimate for 1st floor ……………………. $20,000


This will be the cost for us to put signage in the front and on the side of the building. This might change because we may be going with a smaller sign with the name and a logo. You will be   able to see the signs below. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $7,592.26

Outside Painting

We are going to have all of the green painted black to give the building a cleaner look. This will also increase the curb appeal of the building since it sits right on the main street of Topeka. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $15,000

Land Scape

To add to the curb appeal, I got an estimate on the landscape. There will be removal of some plant and replacement plants and added mulch to the beds. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $2,906.74

Roofing Solutions

I had the roof checked out and the overall membrane is ok. The problem is that there is a large cut near the SE corner of the roof that has saturated the fiberboard over a large section of the roof. There are some flashing problems around the perimeter of the roof that will continue to get worse if we do not address. We can fix the roof for 5k and it will give us a year warranty. 

        Estimate for all ……………………………. $30,000