I would like to thank you all for taking the time to join us for our group discussion on developing an agenda that will enhance the Black Community of Topeka, Kansas. We had a powerful group of black leaders, community members, organizations and business owners that offered power suggestion and information to improve the overall community collectively. After meeting with you all, there was a number of request to continue the conversation monthly. So we will continue the conversation to develop a plan of action every second Wednesday of each month for those who can attend. The next zoom meeting will be the 10th of February at 5:30pm. We will continue to host these meeting on zoom until we have more information on the safety of meeting in person.

We were very please to see all of those who joined the call, it allowed us to see that we all desire the overall improvement for our community and we are wiling to come together to make it happen. Collectively we were able to create a safe space to discuss concerns in the black community, share ideas on how to develop strategic solutions and offer resource to help each other grow. It appeared that the conversation was well overdue but we can’t stop there. It’s one thing to talk about it and it another thing to actually get it done. We have a number of people here in this community that have access to a wide range of resources and information but we do not have a place or a platform to offer these resources back to our community in a collaborative effort.

Omni Circle Group is working to be that place and platform. The organization is was founded to create opportunities to advance people of color. To be the bridge for resources, education, networks, and success. We want to be the new Opportunity Zone for people of color. Our over all mission is to unite and strengthen our communities by offering a number of supportive components to enhance us civilly, politicly, and economically. This is the perfect time to collectively take responsibility advancing our community and restore it back to its rightful place. We have don’t it before and the history tell us we can do it agin, when we decide to work together. Our last meeting was an into to a conversation on creating a “BLACK AGENDA”. This agenda will be a guide to supporting the black community in the ways that it needs to be supported. After reviewing the last meeting, the overall collective goals for creating a black agenda consisted of the flowing: education, criminal and social justice reform, health and wellness, community, politics, black businesses, financial and economic development, affordable housing, community engagement and youth mentoring.

To breaking out of poverty in the black community we must beings with providing the proper education to the community and spending our dollars in our own community. Economically our communities are suffering due to the lack of ownership. It’s time that we start to develop a 5 year plan that will allow us to begin to do some serious investing back into people that look like us. For me, I believe that we have to take a psychological approach to enhancing the culture. Culture is defined by the values and rituals that unite people, and by consistent and observable patterns of behavior. Marcus Garvey quoted: “We must emancipate ourselves from mental slaver because whilst other might free the body, not but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is leadership to the body. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind”.

Psychology in the Community.

Studies have shown, community of color improve profoundly when there is significant impact on the psychological development of the people. The people and places that surround and individual form the context in which they think, believe, and behave and also construct the unspoken and spoken norms that govern their daily lives. But just as individuals are influenced by their surrounding, they also, create and shape their cultures and communities.

The ways in which we are both influence and are influenced by, the world around us is a vast topic that can be broken down into a number of fields of psychological studies. All of these fields of study aim to improve the quality of people’s lives, interactions and institutions.


This forms of intersection between the individual, social, cultural, environment, economic, and political aspects of people’s lives.


The sum of a group of people’s attitudes, behavior, and customs passed from one generation to the next through language: religion, food, social habits and creativity (Arts)


Our surrounding - The buildings in which we live or work, local amenities, even climate - Can strongly influence our psychological development.

Cross cultural Factors
Attitudes - The way we evaluate objects, issues, events and each other. Behaviors - How we act or conduct ourselves.
Customs - An accepted way of doing things that are specific to a place or society Values - Principles and standards that govern behaviors.
Norms - The accepted modes of expression and interaction

“Sense of community is, a shared faith that members’ needs will be met through their commitment to work together”. - Seymour B. Sarason.

Here is a place to start. Please consider the following question and be prepared to add to the conversation in the next meeting.

Elements of a Strategic Plan: To start the conversation

  1. What is our Vision (End Goal)

  2. What do we do best

  3. What is our culture

  4. What needs can we meet for our community, that no one is willing to meet.

  5. What kind of image do we want?

  6. What do we want to be know for?

  7. What kinds of

  8. How big do we want this to be?

  9. How many programs do we want to focus on or develop in the community?

  10. What personal needs do we want to satisfy? (You as an individual)

  11. What are our philosophy, ethical and social responsibilities, and values?

  12. What value do we want to add to our community.

  13. Where do we want to one in 5 years.

Areas of focus

1. Life Planning
2. Health and Well Being
3. Work / Career / Business
4. Social
5. Personal and Profession Development 6. Recreation
7. Family
8. Life Planing
9. Love Relationship
10. Financial Wealth
11. Contribution
12. Education
13. Mental Health
14. Youth
15. Community