AAWVA provides its members with opportunities to volunteer and work for campaigns, shape the agenda for the next generation of Democrats, and train to meet the demands of the field and public office. AAWVA members are committed to supporting a Democratic, pro-choice future. The members' network of AAWVA, share resources and offer each other encouragement to promote change on the county level, across the state, and around the country.
Omni Circle is proud to have a political team that works to enhance our Democratic values through AAWVA's programming.
The mission is to serve minority communities. To equip them with the knowledge of their rights and help all eligible voters to have an equal opportunity to exercise those rights. We pledge to maintain voter registration duties by way of, education, community volunteer services and encourage voter participation in local, state, and national elections. Moreover, we pledge to educate our community to be confident in their knowledge of the political process.